Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just back from an afternoon in Chester , traipsing round the shops and cobbled streets. It was very humid and hot so we didn't wander long. Did the park and ride option and found a few bargains including Shaolin Soccer on DVD in a charity shop that I'd been looking out for. Also Yellowbeard with Graham Chapman, Michael Palin and other scurvy shwabs on video for 50p. It's supposed to be awful but I've never seen it. Hazel bought some birthday clothes from Morgan and other trinkets I will have to wrap up for Saturday.
Archie also got some bargains including some Manga DVD's, book and Pocky from the Japanese shop. He also got some holiday clothes from Gap.
Had a picnic under a shadey tree in the cathedral grounds which was quite pleasant with guitarist plying his trade nearby on the roman wall- close to where this photo was taken. I think the wall has collapsed further along so we didn't go that way for a change.
Nice to get home after the noise and heat to our lovely cool house. Had tea and cake in the garden now the bench and table have been oiled and painted. Hazel has done a good job with re-arranging the furniture and the stove etc. You really appreciate the garden when the weather is like this.


Roger Stevens said...

Just back from Mamma Mia. Surprisingly good. If it's on up your way take hazel to see it for her birthday.

Anonymous said...

I heard that it's so BAD it's good which does put me off a bit! Just how much terrible singing and awful dance routines can one take before the ironic hilariousness takes over?

Anonymous said...

HAzel said...don't tell him that....I wanted a treat...

cemenTIMental said...

Shaolin Soccer is great, good find! I went to Battersea car boot last weekend, not spectacular but I did find a few hong kong VCDs, a couple of Stephen Chow's earlier films. I still need to get the dvd of Kung Fu Hustle too... i want the tacky box set with giant inflatable axe etc. :)

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