Monday, July 14, 2008

Eye Test

Another photo from the steam fair yesterday. Hazel and Archie going round and round and up and down on the ferris wheel. I stayed with the bags and took the photo. I went on it last year so know what it's like. Great view from the top.
Today I had to go and have my annual or two yearly sight test at Specsavers. They are usually pretty good but a bit pushy considering my eyes hadn't altered atall from last time. The woman doing the testing was quite humourless and didnt smile once. Maybe she was having a tough day but it was only 10a.m.! I might try Boots or Holland and Aitchenson next time.
Then a quick look round the charity shops but didn't find any bargains.
Archie didnt feel very well today so had the day off school. Hazel bought him some cough mixture that seems to be made from molasses and paint stripper.


treena said...

looks like you had lots of fun, i went to the car boot too but found it far too busy had to leave.... lets do the sorting office together! im ready when you are

wastedpapiers said...

It was great. We go every year so the feeling of deja -vu is quite strong- despite that it is a fascinating afternoon out. Which car boot did you go to? Weaverham?

Yes, happy to put a few things up in the sorting office. What day is good for you?

Amy said...

Ahh the old molasses and paint stripper trick... ;)

Adele said...

What is it about Specsavers?! Last eye test I had the optician didn't smile once, even when Hector was doing his best raspberry blowing and charm attack! Grrrrr.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by amy.
Yes,I think Specsavers have annoyed me long enough and I'll be going elsewhere for my free eye test next time!

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