Monday, July 14, 2008

Tabley Steam Fair

We went to two boot sales yesterday. One in Weaverham at the High School which was pretty busy and sprawling. I didn't get anything though except some cheap bananas and mushrooms. Hazel got a tray of plants the slugs don't like. The sort with rubbery leaves.
The next at Hartford High School was less busy but a couple of dozen stalls. I found a cheap PS game . Hazel got a few metal things including a nail file in the shape of a woman's leg and a tiny pocket screwdriver.
In the afternoon we drove over to Tabley which isn't that far from us to the annual steam fair and traction engine rally. A bit like deja-vu as we got every year and all the same people turn up. Sadly the wall of death wasn't there this year. Nice to wander around the stalls and fairground listening to street organs and the noise of the steam engines chugging along. Also a display of old motorbikes, cycles, cars, lorries, buses, etc. We had a picnic in a field away frpm the noise and then walked over to the stationary engines to see them pump water into buckets and turn cranks. The owners sat proudly behind in folding chairs drinking flasks of tea or snoozing in the sunshine. It was very hot so we didn't stay long. Ate an ice cream in the shade of the fairground awning. Archie and Hazel went on the big wheel. I held the bags - Ive been on it before. Great view from the top. You could go up in a helicopter for 30 quid a 5 minute flight but that seemed a bit steep - especially the way it just missed the trees when landing!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Last year (2007) was a total washout with cars and steam engines all getting stuck in the mud - although my son enjoyed the archery tent. (I wish I'd taken note of the archery supply shop that hosted it, they were great with kids).

I'm an ex-pat in the US now but hope to make it back in 2009 for a dry and enjoyable fair.