Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy BBQ Day

It was Hazel's birthday today so Granma & Audrey came over in the afternoon for a BBQ in the garden. They bought the birthday cake that Granma made and we ate a chunk of that after Hazel and Audrey (it was her birthday yesterday ) blew out the candles.
I made some haloumi kebabs and marinated them with olive oil, lemon juice and herbs from the garden. Very nice they were too. The veg. burgers however were a bit overdone! Nevermind - disguised inside a big bap they tasted fine with lashings of tomato ketchup and burnt onions.
It was very pleasant in the shadey garden. Hazel had put some candles around and a cloth on the table. Archie climbed up into the tree house to take several aerial shots of us all. I expect they will appear at some point.
Audrey spent ages looking for kniting patternson the internet and then we had a couple of games of Tumbleblocks.
Hazel opened some more presents. A tin signal from a toy train set from me. A bunch of carnations from the Co-op. Boxes of chocs and more candles. A nice old Hazelnut Dainties tin. Clothes from Morgan and weird blinking eye and Marmite rings.


Jonathan said...

Hazel... once again a belated Happy Birthday that you share with my brother... I'll get it right one of these years.

Adele said...

Ah, happy birthday Hazel! The food sounds yummy; I like 'well done' things. What's a Marmite ring?

Anonymous said...

HAzel said...hi jon and Adele.
a marmite ring is a ring with a marmite label on it.
Yes Well done it certainly was...but I love that crunchy charcoal taste....or why else have a BBQ?

Adele said...

Of course. In the first photo Hazel looks like she's had a hair cut, she looks different (and lovely of course!).