Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Norbury Junction

Nice trip out with our friend Tom Tom to Norbury Junction near Stafford to see my old chum Trevor who lives in a delightful spot by the Trent & Mersey canal. We found him painting a narrow boat not far from his mooring with his mate Chris. They did not need a lot of encouraging to go for a pub lunch with us. It was boiling hot but shadey and cool under the trees.
We sat on his poop deck to admire the view and say hello and shiver yer timbers to all the narrow boats that chugged by - quite few now its the height of the holiday season and rented boats are ever more popular.

Trevor drove us in style to the pub in this ancient Daimler he uses for special occasions. I think he rents it out for weddings, bar mitzfas and other functions. It has a lovely Chitty Chitty Bang Bang feel to it as it trundles and shakes down the bumpy narrow lanes- the brambles and thistles flapping your face. The bakelite knobs on the walnut dashboard look like they came off an old wireless radio. Turning them makes the window tune into Uncle Mac's Childrens Favourites and ITMA.

After a pleasant chat and pub lunch in the canal side pub garden we trundled back and had a look round his Steptoe's yard and answered a call of nature in the badger infested wood nearby. "Mind that poop dumping hole!" came the cry as I narrowly missed a wobbly board over some bottomless pit overgrown with ferns and moss.
We let Trevor go back to his painting and baked at gas mark number eight all the way home.

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Adele said...

Wow, what a lovely car to be driven around in! I like the seats, they do look comfy.