Sunday, May 11, 2008

Three Boots

Three boot sales this morning - our cup runneth over!
The first was at Verdin Park in the centre of town but not many there really. Prepared to run the gauntlet of motor bikes and hairy bikers but thankfully the Thundersprint doesn't start until 11 so the roads were pretty empty.
I didn't find much but Hazel bought two re-conditioned church chairs with shelves at the back for putting your hymn book or bible. We shall keep old pencils and sellotpae in ours I expect. A bargain for 15 quid the two. They will replace the rickety old chairs in the back room.
Archie bought a steel stringed guitar which he's just tuned and it sounds quite good. H'e s hoping Hazel might saw off a pieice of metal pipe to make a bottleneck thingy and he can play like Seasick Steve.
The next bootsale was a the High Scool in Weaverham which was huge and covered most of the playing field. Very hot by this time and Hazel had to take one of her vests off. No bargains here - too crowded and I was just getting grumpy and jostled by people with push chairs and pointy elbows. Hazel got some metal things and tiny light bulb. Also lots of cheap plants which filled the car with sweet smell of pinks and carnations.
The last boot was at Hartford High School and quieter thankfully. I got a few old scratchy 78's for 20p each- The Crane Skiffle Group on the Embassy label, George Chisolm's Jazz Band doing a medly of "Hits" and The Singing Dogs! I can't wait to hear those and hopefully upload to Boot Sale Sounds.

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