Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bits & Bobs

A slightly different version to the one shown on Flickr. I choose an old whistling version of a very old tune thats name escapes me for the moment. Also some of the clips are different or in a different order. These were just Archie's experiemnts when he first was learninghow to animate using Flash and Ive compiled them into some sense of progression. I had fun too, ofcourse. I only wish i had Archie's patience at drawing all this stuff! Watch it HERE.
Went into town yesterday but didnt get much. Found a dutch film on video about Van Gogh for 50 pence in a charity shop sale. Very windy and a bit colder than the weekend. At home I copied more to disc from old VHS tapes. The pile seems just as high as before though!


Roger Stevens said...

Good stuff - but they take so long to load. And then they're all jerky.

I'm getting a new laptop soon which will hopefully have internet access that's a bit quicker. We still can't get broadband here.

Hey, when are you coming to see us?

michael said...

Sorry about the jerkiness. None of our doing. Broadband is pretty essential these days so hope your new laptop is the bees knees.
Hazel's pretty busy over Easter with her work and exhibition etc, so doubt if we can get away. Might manage the odd day trip to keep Archie happy.