Friday, March 17, 2006

Where is the Spring?

Catching up again. I seem to have let a whole week go by without adding anything to flobberlob. I'll have to consult my fascinating diary of scribbled nonsense which tells me it was grim oop North. More snow! And rain and sleet. Caught in a mini-blizzard in town on Tuesday. It ended as soon as it started though. Strange weather for March. Coldest since 1987.
Archie made a short animation for a competition on CBBC TV. The prize is a trip to Aardman and animation equipment. He worked very hard on it on Monday night as it had to be in by Wednesday. Fingers crossed.
Not many bargains in the shops but did find a copy of "Space Patrol" on VHS which I remember vaguley from the 60's. It was a Roberta Leigh production ( no relation) who did things like Twizzle and Four Feather Falls I think? I will have to check the Whirlygig website ( see links ). Its in glorious black and white and the most inept puppetry one can imagine. It makes BIll & Ben look like Citizen Kane!
Archie's chipped tooth repair fell out yet again so had to make another appointment for him. This is about the third time in as many months.
Otherwise its the usual round of collaging ( new one above for Fantasy Rooms) and tape dubbing, chores and shopping.
Archie's knee is slowly getting better but he's been taking a note to school to let him off games, drama, dance and any other physical activity that might aggravate it.

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