Thursday, March 02, 2006

First snow of the year- 2nd March!

Daft weather eh? Here we were expecting the Spring and Winter makes an unwelcome return. Even Archie is sick of snow now and anyway is off school with a poorly knee. I took him to the doc's yesterday and he said he's done something to his cartledge and must rest it. He prescribed some paracetamol to help the healing process. We thought it was getting better but he did some PE at school on Monday and that must have aggravated it again. Why didnt we give him a note? So, he's sprawled on the sofa watching the Mighty Boosh and eating toasted bagels. I ventured out into the snow to get the wheelie bins. I got the neighbours too. I don't know why, she never gets ours!
I have to consult my diary to find out what I did on Monday and Tuesday, my short term memory being what it is! Seems I went into town on Monday and ordered a video at the library. It was one that Jim in Basingstoke recommended - "The Legend Of 1900" about a baby found under a piano of a cruise ship and adopted by one of the sailors. He stays on the ship all his life playing the piano - the one he was found under. Sounds daft but the director also made "Cinema Paradiso" which is a wonderful film so have high hopes. Also borrowed CD's of "Anthony and the Johnsons" for Hazel and the Fall for me. Showed Archie the Audacity recording gizmo on the computer which he's been playing with ever since - having fun recording silly conversations with himself and running them backwards and sideways and changing the pitch to make them sound like Pinky and Perky etc. Maybe it will be useful for his animated films?
I went to Chester on Tuesday and took my camera. Photos of my wander round the ancient cobbled streets cane be found at Flickr.
Didnt find much in the charity shops. Just a few postcards to collage and a scratchy LP of steel band music from Antigua. The only reason i bought it was a track called "Archie". Maybe we can add a vocal to it on the Audacity gizmo? What a frightening thought!
Got a nice packet of goodies from Jim yesterday. Some CD's of old timey music and some rare cassettes of the Oily Rags ( Chas 'n' Dave in a former guise ) who can't quite decide whether to sing like Jerry Lee or Albert Chevalier!

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