Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sandy Powell found wandering at boot sale.

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Up early for the boot sale at the cow pat field but when we got there it wasn't, if you know what I mean. Maybe it starts next week? So we carry on towards Macclesfield and find the big boot sale at Chelford which Hazel tries to avoid as they are so rude and it costs twice as much to park on a tussocky field in the middle of nowhere. Apparently the fellow who runs it is a millionaire with two planes but can't be bothered to supply a proper porta-loo for the gents who have to use a a piece of corrogated iron leaning on some thistles in the corner of the field! Ouch!
I didnt find many bargains despite the number of cars but the best of the day was an old Sandy Powell LP on the Decca Ace of Clubs label from 1962. On it were a few sketches from radio shows and a handful of music hall songs records in the 40's, one written by the Two Leslies (Sarony & Holmes). The sleeve notes disclose a few facts I was unaware of-
"At the age of sixteen years, Sandy played his first pantomime at the Rotunda Theatre, Liverpool. he became recognised as one of Britain's most reliable pantomime comics in the years which followed. Sandy broke into braodcasting via a series of hour-long prgrammes under the title Pages From Sandy's Album in which he was supported by artists from his own road show.
In 1929, while he was appearing at the London Palladium, Sandy made his first record. It was called "The Lost Policeman" and it sold over a million copies."

Here are two tracks via You Send It which will be available for 7 days or until exhausted.

Sandy Powell - How Ashamed I Was

Sandy Powell - Oh! Ain't It Grand To Be In The Navy


Roger Stevens said...

Shame the Cow Pat Field was a no go area.

Is the Sheep's Poo Field not got going yet?

When you visit us in the summer (!) we'll take you along to the Wildebeast's Whoopsie's Field. Always good for a few bargains.

Syl said...'s ok Michael...a card will be just fine!
enjoyed the music as always...
hey, we've a mouse in the house...little brown puffball thing! shoo

michael said...

O how we larfed! Actually the Cow pat Field was only really very cow patty once and thats how it got its name - mostly its pretty free of cow pats thankfully. The man in the turban who takes the money and mutters in punjabi as you drive in also scratches his crotch before holding out his hand! Lovely.
We used to have mice but lots of cats round here now so havent seen them lately. Found a a desicated frog in the garden the other day. It was all leathery and its eyes had dropped out.Ugh! I asked hazel to take a photo of it but she wasn't keen!

Jonathan said...

When I was a kid we always had a terrarium/aquarium going with animals that we'd found. Snakes, salamanders, frogs and all. One time a frog escaped (despite a screen on top) and we didn't find it until weeks later... downstairs under my great-grandfather's table in a rather petrified condition... (no photos were taken... ritual burial in the back yard)...