Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Coup de Chickens.

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This is a nice matchbox label - one of many we bought at the Matchbox Collectors Fair in Northwich a couple of years ago. We managed to miss last years for some reason. These indian labels are so cheap and all brightly coloured and have very attractive designs.
The collectors were all very helpful and generous with their wares- they gave Archie a big starter bag of matchbox labels for nothing. More labels on my Flickr photostream.
Yesterday I walked to town and back and took a DVD back to the library and bought a cheap video of a film that was on tv last week but I forgot to set the video. It's one with Bill Murray in called "Rushmore" .
Only mail was from Mark Pawson who sent some nice japanese inspired badges and a set of recently printed Gocco envelopes and cards.
Archie is learning to play the guitar at school now. He has one 30 minute lesson per week which costs £3. He has to do it in his lunch hour which he does'nt like much so not sure how long this will last. His hands have grown quite big and are the same size as Hazel's now , so should be easier to stretch for those chords.


Roger Stevens said...

That reminds me. I've got some matchbox labels somewhere.
Well - that was er... probably forty years ago... I wonder where they are?

michael said...

Perhaps they are in that big box on top of the wardrobe?

hazel said...

you could try the back of the cupboard uner the stairs...thats where I saw them last!!

Roger Stevens said...

I'll take a look and see.

Jonathan said...

Don't know why I never collected any of these when I lived in India... must not have been my thing at the moment.