Monday, March 28, 2005

Hot Cross Monday.

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Well, not really that hot or cross but definately a Monday. We drove over to a boot sale at Frodsham in a field next to the community centre and not at the Castle Park as advertised. It was very crowded and difficult to get near a few stalls which was annoying. I meant to go back to a few but forgot where they were in the hustle and bustle. Got a nice Cd of the Scaffolds Greatest hit, which has lots of songs I'd not heard before. Also a DVD-R someone had made with all Beatles related films like the John Lennon "Imagine" film that was on BBC2 a while back and Carl Perkins in concert with George Harrison and others in his back-up band. Its a shame the film of Ringo in Concert goes all weird and pixelated at the end. Maybe it needs buffing up with a cloth?
Hazel got a poker that the owner used to "beat his kids with" - err, yeah nice! Archie got a pile of annuals including a 1973 Beano for a quid so he was happy.
Afterwards we drove to Lady Heyes Craft Centre and Antique emporium to have some tea and toast and browse the barns full of expensive nick-nacks. I tried to find some postcards but even the dull "scenic" ones were £1 each which seemed a bit pricey to me.
Hazel got some metal objects for her collection and her blog. They included some paper fasteners, bulldog clips and patchwork quilt stencil.
Horrible accident we almost witnessed driving back- three police cars parked and officers attending to slumped body on the pavement. It's quite shocking to see that here - in London we used to see bodies lying on pavements and in roads all the time!
Home via Co-op for bread and lunch of haloumi, tomatoes and basil in toasted sandwich.

The Scaffold - 2 Days Monday

The Scaffold - Do The Albert

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hazel said...

I think the man was joking about the pocker?!!

Roger Stevens said...

Haven't been able to Do the Blog over the last couple of days. Couldn't post anything or comment anywhere - even on my own blog.

Still, seems to be working okay.

Hmmm... not got a lot to say really.

My mother once hit me with a red hot poker.

But it was the flower and so it didn't really hurt.

Roger Stevens said...

You've been quiet lately.

michael said...

I tried to blog during the week but it wasn't working for some reason. It tends to put me off doing any , so mostly on Flickr with all the Frickr people. You should try it Roger - it's good fun as Sylvia and Ed will testify! Collage kids has a new sibling called ATC's and so we are making cards, posting them on Flickr and exchanging with other Frickr folk. It's all rather time consuming but good fun and keeps me away from the telly! I've done so much more collage now and so nice to get feedback immediatley about ones work. Everyone is so positive and friendly.

Roger Stevens said...

Well, maybe I will. It's just a time thang!

Also I've been working on Gee Whiz

funny you talking about ATCs. That's what I've been making for Edzz Dylan project.