Saturday, July 01, 2006

Trip to Anderton

Photo opportunity
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After a late breakfast we went to town again and walked through Carey Park to Anderton to show our Norwegian guests the "Cathedral Of The Waterways"- the Anderton Boat Lift. We stopped along the way for photos along the River Weaver and Nature Park etc. Here we are sat on some stone sculptures that overlook the huge salt processing factory ( hidden by the trees). Much of the land is reclaimed from the salt mining industry.
We were lucky in getting a boat ride through the Barnton Tunnel too as the man agreed to take us despite nobody else around for 1 o'clock trip ( it was quarter past by this time). So nice to have the boat to ouselves and even a bar onboard for a cool beer and drinks for the kids. The 80minute trip passed some nice old canal side cottages and boats, ducklings and other watery treats. I could have done without the musak of 60's hits on the boat though.
Also looked round the Anderton Visitors Centre and watched a film abou the boat lifts history etc.
Then a shorter walk home along the river and later traditional english fish and chips and mushy peas!

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