Thursday, July 13, 2006

Red car shines bright - Hazel's delight.

Big Wheel (Twice)
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Hazel bought her bright red Nissan Micra the other day - we had to go with her in Audrey's car and Audrey drove back in front, although she was supposed to be following. We popped into Morrisons to get some groceries whil Hazel filled in forms and collected the keys and stuff. By the time we filled a trolley and piled it in the boot of Audrey's car Hazel drove up to meet us. The brakes are very sensitive she said but hopefully she will get used to them.
The evening before was the "Music Night" with singing and tickling of the ivories etc. Archie took along his electric guitar and small practice amp and played along with seven others in the guitar club ( he goes to on Wednesday lunchtime). One more older lad attempted the Jimmie Hendrix number "Voodoo Chile" and another a self penned composition. Some of the singing made us wince a bit but otherwise the evening was pleasant enough and there was even strawberries and cream served in the interval outside on the patio. The nearby table won a huge box of chocs in the raffle and as we left we saw they had scoffed the lot during the second half and left the empty box and wrappers all over the tabletop!


Roger Stevens said...

And didn't they even offer you one?

michael said...

No, the greedy piggies!

Syl said...

Yea...Hazel has wheels!
***Yahoos at Roger