Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot boot at the sales!

Oven on wheels!
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Not just the boot but the whole car was boiling. It's all very well having wonderful automatic windows but you can't open the blinkin' things until the engine starts- meanwhile you are wilting in the tremendous heat! Otherwise the new car is doing just fine and Hazel is getting used to it's funny little ways just like she got used to mine.
The boot sale at Witton Albion FC was quite larger than normal and so lots of stalls to rummage through. I found lots of DVD's and Videos including the Seven Samurai, Mr. Bean and some old Warner Bros. cartoons of Daffy Duck and Porky Pig , some in a strange sepia tone made in the 40's.( when they needed all the colour for the war effort ).
Hazel found some gadgets includin g a folding padded coat hanger and a thing for stretching pipes or maybe nostrils ( in the wrong hands!). Archie found a Worms game but sadly it won't load on our PC for some reason though it says it's for Xp. Also two Lego men.
Hazel's Mom and sister managed to take themselves for a change now they have the car back.
This afternoon we escaped the heat and went to the regal to see the latest over blown and over long Pirates of the Caribbean film which was o.k. but needed to be 60 minutes shorter! Also it ends rather abruptly so be prepared for that if you go. My advice is "don't" - borrow the DVD when it comes out if you enjoyed the first one.


swapatorium said...

Hazel's car is so cute! And boy is Archie growing up fast.

michael said...

Yes, Hazel thinks her car is cute too. Its her pride and joy at the moment. It is actually a bit roomier than Audrey's Micra and certainly more gadgets to play with though I would prefer manual windows so that you can open them before the engine starts!
Archie is certainly growing fast and almost as tall as Hazel now. Our little boy is a turning in to a big gangly teenager!

Roger Stevens said...

Just one question really -

How long do you sit in a car before the engine starts?

Here in the South we get into the car and start the engine straight away.

Have you forgotten your Southern ways?

I enjoyed the first Pirates. I've heard the second isn't as good. Maybe we'll just watch the first one again.

Big news here. We can now get broadbamd, Hurrah!!!!
Expect a flickrfeast. It'll take up to ten days to be connected apparently- but hey. Broadband. Just think of it.

michael said...

You'd be surprised at all the faffing about before Hazel actually gets round to starting the engine. She has to put things in the boot and then re-arrange the furniture, adjust the seats, fiddle with keys, wipe bird muck off the windscreen, pull leaves from the wipers, look in the glove compartment, say things like "Can you hear a squeak?" , go back to house to check the front door has been shut, wipe the rear view mirror etc. etc. It takes forever!

Good news about the broadband! About blinkin'; time! Hopefully you will be able to visit Boot Sale Sounds more often! and watch Archies animations etc. some treats in store!

hazel said...

I bloomin don't, cheeky git.

The Impaler said...


My She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed has almost the same ritual. But at least she starts up the minivan before going through the rites of travel, which is nice because in the Denver Summers, it gets to about 30-33 deg. C and the three daughters complain loudly until the a/c is turned on.

Hazel's car is cute, I expect it to be trashed by the tall cheeky git on "Top Gear" sometime soon :) Take THAT Jeremy Clarkson!

By the by, I added Boot Sale SOunds to my link list, because it's BRILLIANT! I'm gonna try and remaster some of the things on there, though, some of the dubs came off as really muddy.

Cheers to you, Hazel & Archie, hope you're managing the heat and not letting the records & tapes melt from the boot sales!

michael said...

Thanks Impaler - glad you like Boot Sale Sounds. Thanks for the link. Good luck with the re-mastering!