Sunday, April 17, 2005

Walk along lake at Marbury.

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Pleasant Sunday walk to blow cobwebs away. Marbury was full of wet dogs and muddy children but we managed to find some quiet areas like this one ( where have all the ducks gone?). We found them a bit further on- mostly stuffed on all the bread they'd been fed all morning so they weren't keen on ours which floated off into the reed beds.
Archie had a wonky knee and I was feeling drowsy from the anti-biotics but managed to walk a fair way to see if the bluebells were out yet - some, but probably better display next week.
No boot sale today alas so a lie-in for everyone. I went to the local newsagent for the Sunday paper which had yet another Michael Caine film on DVD given away inside. This week it was The Eagle Has Landed. Next week it's the 14th Protocol? We've already had The Ipcress File and that one with Julie Walters in where he plays a lecturer. I don't know when we'll get time to watch them all but quite a library of M.C. building up!
It's just started to rain so glad we went out when we did.
Yesterday was pretty quiet until we went to visit Granma and Audrey in the next village who had cousin Maggie and Dennis (the menace) from the West Midlands popping by via the motor cycle rally over at Little Wotsit. Brrmm! Brrm! Dennis is a keen Beano fan too and was happy with the two swaps Archie took over. He was wearing a Dennis the Menace black and red striped jumper and has a Dennis the menace painted on his helmet and rucksack. Archie was impressed.

Carson Robison & the Pioneers - Polly Wolly Doddle

Carson Robison & the Pioneers - Cross-Eyed Sue

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