Friday, April 08, 2005

Feeling rather Thursday.

Betty Boop ATC
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Aching all over too due to anti-biotics. Its a horrible feeling. Didnt get much sleep- tossing andf turning. Hazel didn't either. I hope these do the trick as I'd hate to think what the "stronger ones" the doc hinted at might be like?!
Stayed in yesterday- just too lethargic and creaky to do much else really. made some more ATC's ( sample above ) for the Collage Kids at Frickr which is proving to be a helpful diversion. Maybe you'll find it here?
Or maybe not. Not very good at links I've discovered.
Last night another upset as woken by Archie being sick at 2 in the morning and every half hour it seemed until 4. Hope he's feeling better now - having a lie-in.
Poor Hazel- two invalids to take care of !
This Easter holiday seems rather doomed from the start, what with the conservatory fiasco etc.


Roger Stevens said...

Be cheery my deary.

My deary is in Canada and I'm all on my lonesome. I'd planned to spend the week recording - but haven't managed anything yet.

Glad you enjoyed Gee Whiz.

Syl said...

yikes...sounds like you've been beset by the warbles...and nurse Hazel to sort things out. Get well fast, the lot of ya. Hey, nice example shown here...hope to be seeing it soon.
Take care.
Ah, Roger...a little time on yer own can be wonderful.
Best to all.

michael said...

My warbles have never been so beset!

Roger Stevens said...

Hope you're feeling better.

Bloody ants everywhere in this downstairs office!

michael said...

It seems to be gettging worse before it can get better! Not having much luck here. Not sure what we've done to deserve it!