Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I've Done My Back In

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I don't know how but walking in to town this morning I felt something go and I was stooped most of the way there and back again. I was hoping that walking would ease it but it just got worse. I feel a bit like a geriatric at the moment.
In town I hobbled round the usual haunts. Found two more scratchy records in the Help The Aged- A dull chinese pop record and a dreadful folk choir from Italy. Thankfully I did find something to add to the Boot sale Sounds blog- a demonstration record 7" that plays at 33 and third for Stylophone with Rolf Harris for 35 p ( no sleeve ).
Also borrowed the new Razorlight and Basement Jaxx from the library.
I made a big vegetable stew this evening for dinner with some crusty olive bread. No dumplings though much to Archie's disapointment - must get some vegetarian suet.


Roger Stevens said...

Sorry to hear about your back. It's a bugger when your back goes.
I'd recommend chiropractic.

My writing pal Roger (from the Killer Rabbits) is coming over tomorrow. We're going to do some thing for You Tube. You heard it first here.

I really must do something on my own blog again.

Jonathan said...

What the heck is vegetarian suet ???

michael said...

Its done it before for no reason. I bent over in the shed once to pick up a nail and it went and I couldnt straighten up again. Hazel just thought it was the funniest thing ever! I had to stay in the shed three days.
It feels slightly worse this morning if anything. It took me three days to get my clothes on and two more days to drag myself to the bathroom. I tried some Tiger Balm that makes you smell like a skunk.
So Hazel says anyway. To add to my woes I found a spider in my muesli this morning! He was having a stroll round the apricots.

Vegetarian suet is great stuff though not sure what it's made from- vegetable fat I assume though it could be reconstituted vegetable lard.

Jonathan said...

As my Great Grandfather used to say, in his 90's... as his daughters complained about ailments, "I had that once, it went away".

michael said...

I feel a bit better this morning and was able to dress without wincing. yesterday I wore a heat patch that lasts 12 hours. Very clever things- probably a by-product of the space programme or something. Hazel used them when she had her bad shoulder and they seemed to ease it a little. Hazel just slapped another on me though i said I didn;t need it! and gone off to work. She was fretting over the parling space again as some idiot had blocked her in again. She had to get out of bed at midnight to push a note through his door. He moved it soon after and we were able to get to sleep. We found another note this orning saying he was sorry but he was legally parked and we need a white line painting on the road. Yes, but has he tried to get one from the council? They are notorious to get hold of and then tell you they are not really needed unless you are near a school ( which we are ) or shops etc. Hopefully now we can support our case for a white line with documentary evidence ( photos of bad parking and notes pushed through door etc.)
What a game eh?

swapatorium said...

Glad you're feeling better Michael! Those patches are a nice little invention.

Jonathan said...

Get out the white paint and a brush... Oh dear, that won't do... your back and all. I hope it's on the mend.

michael said...

Thanks Angelica. Hope all is well with you.
Yes, it would be easy for Hazel to paint a white line but you must get the councils permission I think and anyway ordinairy paint wouldn't last very long.

Roger Stevens said...

Vegetarian suet comes from the suet tree which grows in Sumaria.

You need to appropriate a couple of those cones which you can put on the road in front of your house.

And although legally anyone can park in front of your house - it's not very neighbourly to do so. I mean - you can park in front of garage doors - but people don't. Maybe you just need a polite notice. Please don't park here - this is where we park our car.

Hope your back's getting better.

michael said...

If only life were so easy!

I could appropriate some cones

Put a notice in front of our house

Saying "Please Don't be So Cheesy!"