Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tin Toys and Freeview

Have been enjoying making short films on my new camera to upload to Treemo which is great place for all kinds of file storing and sharing. These animated tin and plastic toys make it easy for a one-man film production company as you just wind them up and let them go! weeeeeeeeeee-clunk!
Yesterday we had to return to Hazel's Mom's to put together her new fancy TV cabinet ( the TV is fancy not the cabinet!) which is one of those dreadful flat pack jobs with four pages of unitelligibble instructions written by a sadist! It took two hours to glue and dowel the whole thing together. Hazel did most of it I must admit. I was just there for moral support and to look for sprocket flange nut 35b. Anyway, to cut a long a tedious story short, Hazel managed to put it all togther and it looked better than expected but we had two screws left over! The new telly tuned itself in to all the freeview channels so that was a relief and Granma was very happy. We got given the old Freeview box to try and to our amazement it worked so we now have a few extra channels to flick through and say "There's nothing worth watching". Which wasn't really true as I did find a great prog about African music ( much to Hazel's annoyance as it clashed with Coronation Street) on BBC4 ( first of a 6 part series - yippee!) Browsing the listings I see there is a couple of programmes about the late great Jake Thackery on BBC 4 also at the weekend so things are looking up on the TV front.
Ray the builder eventually came back to collect the concrete mixer and wheelbarrow and promised to return to smash up the two remaining slabs and take them away.
Hazel is getting used to driving onto the front without flinching when she gets near the bay window and the neighbours have been parking well away from the dropped kerb so no problems there as yet.

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