Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th!!

It hasnt been too bad so far- touch wood, cross fingers, spit through rungs of ladder etc.
Here's Archie practising some new chords he learnt at school on the guitar. We need to get a better mike for this computer as the internal one makes it sound very tinny but you get the idea.
I ventured out to get some sawdust for Flo the rabbit as her bedding area was getting pretty stinky. I managed to avoid any black cats and ladders. Also posted a packet of photos to Jon and Sylvia - so look out for them soon you guys. You chaps. You chums.
Archie has been showing me how to get a robotic voice to sing to the tune of The Hall Of The Mountain King (or is it Peer Gynt?) any words you type into "Text Edit" and click on Speaking. It's funny for about 5 minutes.


Syl said...

Wow! Sounding pretty hot there, Archie!Liking the fullness of the strumming...looking forward to more!
Package...perk...package! Whoeeee!
Uh only 2 yrs behind with mine!
Hey everyone...thanks again for showing us such a fine time...Hazel, still laughing at myself for missing the hairdryer poster Archie made...blind as a bat, apparently. And sniff sniff chomp chomp thump to Flo!
Catch ya later!

Jonathan said...

Sending photos through the post!
How 20th century of you...
We'll be watching for them.
I promise to add to my blog soon.
I've been working straight out and it leaves me a bit dumb in the evening (not that I'm all that bright in the morning).

michael said...

It's nice to see Archie enjoying his guitar playing. He often picks it up for a strum or two.
Hazel decided we need more real photos to stick in albums so has a folder in iPhoto to add all the likely suspects - get over a hundred and they print them for 7p each in Boots. A pretty good deal and you collect them the next day. We put them all on disc too incase they should self descruct!
Hope you get some time for some blogging soon.

Jon said...

Nice guitar playing.

Playing guitar is about one of the best things in my life, for sure. keep it up Archie!