Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday's Footprint.

Walked into town after the rain stopped and it turned into quite a warm sunny morning before going all dark and wet and windy again in the afternoon. I took some cable and the hub with me again to try and get the ethernet sorted but the knowledgable and slightly grumpy bloke on the computer shop said I needed to change the modem as it didnt allow for any extra cables or plugs. So will have to get back to BT which we all know is a particularly daunting task as they never answer any phone calls and pass you halfway round the world several times until your hair turns white ( o dear it already has!).
Also did the usual round of charity shops and the library. I found a video of the second seris of Monty Python but when I got home discovered we already had it but with different design on cover. Another stocking filler.
Got a few little things for Archie's birthday next Tuesday including a Simpson's Comic Book ( I expect he already has that too!). Some bagels from M&S and my bag was pretty heavy. Trudged home for lunch.
Managed to reconfigure the DVD recorder back to its old settings so at least I can dub some old VHS tapes to it and reduce the pile a little. Watched a little of "One Dot TV" which C4 used to show a few years back. Experimental animation and short films by students and clever young things. It all looked very old fashioned somehow just five or six years later!
Must remember to mention the Artifact exhibition in Manchester that Hazel has some work in. Here's a LINK to her page on the website devoted to it.

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