Monday, October 02, 2006

Conkers and Ethernet Hubs

Walked into town after the rain had stopped to pick up a couple of conkers that had blown down in the night. Also went to buy some ethernet cable to try and get the PC online. Wasn't really sure what sort I needed so a bit of a stab in the dark. Learnt from experiance that the idiots in the computer shop have no idea so didn't ask them for advice after the "wireless" fiasco. When I got them home I realised they would never fit the plugs we had - certainly not the USB port which is square on the router and not flat like these are. Doh! I think i will have to take them back and change them.
Not many bargains to be found. The library sale had finished.
Yesterday at the bootsale at Weaverham there was little to be had but did find a scratchy copy of 'Songs For Gay Dogs" by Paddy Roberts for 50p. I have a couple of his other LP's and they are very funny in a quiet english whimsical sort of way. This one has more risque songs but by today's standards very quaint. I put a few tracks and the amusing sleeve onto my Boot Sale Sounds blog. Also bought a ethernet hub which spurrred my interest in getting the other computer online.
I don't think Hazel or Archie bought anything - just some boxes of pansies. Audrey came along too but I don't think she was tempted by much despite the many stalls.

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