Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry New Year's Eve!

Just back from Crewe and dropping Jackie off at the rail station before the worst of the weather hit. Very windy and wet now.
Yesterday we had a few friends over for lunch and dinner. Hazel's old college chum Jackie from Cardiff got a lift up to Brum with her boyfriend on the way to Coventry. She got a lift the rest of the way with old chum Leslie and her family Carl and Bethan. We had a veg. sausage rolls and quiche and salad for lunch. Archie entertained us with some power-chords. Bethan who is 8 going on 35 told us about her ballet class in great detail - seems she has the same teacher that Hazel used to in Walsall. Hazel thought she was ancient then but in reality could only have been in her twenties!
Later I made a curry and had some Tesco's curries to make it a bit more interesting.

Jackie blew on Wilfred as he climbed his cage and he fell over backwards. Jackie slept on the fold out sofa-bed. Hazel used to her Tom Tom to find the way to Crewe even though she knew the way. Tim, the manly voice, told her to go another route which was a little disconcerting. We got there in good time. Stopped of at a posh Waitrose on the way home to get the Sunday papers and some bagels etc.

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