Monday, December 04, 2006

Busy Sunday.

Archie on BBC 2
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Well, first we got up early for the boot sale at Wittington Youth Club which was pretty pitiful but at least the rain had stopped. Mots of the stalls were inside the "hut". Hazel bought a Muppets In Space video for Archie and thats about it I think.
Then home for breakfast. Then we watched Archie's animation again on the recording I had made. Some other nice animations especially a lovely pirate one made out of plasticine by a primary school with all the appropriate piratey noises - Jim lad! Ahaaarrgh! Shivers me timbers! etc. ( made by speeded up teacher? ) Archies stood up well amongst all the graduate stuff.
In the afternoon we went to see " Happy Feet" at the Regal. Which was great, amazing to look at if a little overlong like most films tend to be these days. We stayed to watch the credits roll at the end and and they went on for ages with huge lists of people like "Lighting Directors" ( about a dozen!) Lighting assistants ( hundreds!) etc. What amazing teamwork.
Then home through the towns twinkling Christmas lights to fold some more crimble cards and stuff them into envelopes. I missed the "Life Before Vinyl" prog. on Resonance radio again. Nevermind.
Oh, yes I forgot to mention that Archie went to play badminton in the morning too after we got home. A bit too windy and wet for a walk in the afternoon and we had piles of stale bread too!

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