Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Xmas Concert

We went to the schools annual Christmas Concert last night which was o.k. especially the bit Archie was in with the Guitar Club band playing "Sunshine Of Your Love" ( see above ). He was meant to play in another section but hadn't rehearsed that bit due to an oversight so dropped out. It was far too long and the solo violins and keyboards were pretty hair-raising but some of the singing was good and thankfully they stuck with lively show tunes and carols and didn't attempt any opera this time.
At the interval they had mulled wine and mince-pies to queue up for - I've never seen Hazel out of her seat so fast! The mulled wine was obviously the non-alcoholic variety as it had no effect on me whatsoever! Granma and Audrey had tickets for this too but Audrey was still feeling a bit under the weather and Granma doesn't like to travel in the fog. It got quite thick in the evening too and you could barely see further than 100 metres.

Today Archie went on a school trip to the Regal ( the last ever I fear ) and saw again "Happy Feet" which he didn't mind as he enjoyed it the first time but given the choice would have gone to see something else. We went to the garden centre to look at the garden stoves. Hazel bought one for her Mom as it's her birthday tomorrow. She likes burning rubbish so an ideal present. We had to hide it in the garage at Granma's whilst she closed her eyes and promised not to peek.


Anonymous said...

Very impressive!

I've been to four carol conccerts this year already - which for a non-believer (in Xmas) seems rather a lot.

All have been enjoyable tho'

Syl said...

Great to hear Archie play you that you have plenty festivities keeping you in the holiday spirit.
mmmm, mulled wine does sound good...and here I am just settling for tea. We did get to a party though...a yearly tradition with a country-western songwriter & singer...great band and loads of dancing & fun for the night with friends. Take care, and if I don't catch you again before Cringletime...hugs & all the best.

michael said...

Archie breaks up for the holidays this afternoon after a carol concert at the local church.
The mulled wine does "sound " good (slurpslurp) but the reality was a little different. I think they bought a can of Thrimpton's Ye Olde Mulled Wine Extract and added it to 40 gallons of hot water from the hot tap!

Did I mention your package arrived yesterday? Its safely ensconced? under the invisible tree. Thankyou!

Syl said...

Hi Michael...we also received a packet from you. For some reason I can't get the CD to play! ;-( but...I loved the antique postcard. both the fact it is so old & it is such a pretty picture. Thank you very much!

michael said...

Odear! Its actually a DVD which hopefully will play either on your PC or your DVD player. Soorry! If it doesnt work will have send you something else - glad you like the postcard though.

Roger Stevens said...

Woweee - thought it was Clapton for a minute there.

Haven't been to any Christmas concerts. And I didn't get to hear about my Granddaughter's either due to an administrative oversight. Hey ho.

Christmas preparations are going well here. But tomorrow we go to a much-loved aunt's funeral. So the festivities are mixed with sadness too. Hey ho.

michael said...

Nice to hear from you Roger. We thought you were in France still or somewhere even more exotic.
The "moshers" as Archie calls them did most of the lead guitar parts and he just twanged along in the background but good experiance for him to play infront of so many people.

Sorry to hear about your Auntie. Xmas can be a real curse sometimes.

Syl said...

Aha!!!Then I'm sure it will play...doh, didn't realize a DVD!
Will have a view tonite.

Roger...sorry to hear...all the best to you for the holidays though. Hugs.