Monday, December 11, 2006

That's A Doozie!

Wilfred gets cleaned out
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That's what the doctor said when he saw Audrey's swollen face when Hazel toook her to the Infirmary last week. It was discovered she had a thematic tooth - whatever they are? Needles to say she was in quite bit of discomfort and could hardly speak - poor thing. When going through the surgery on her crutches and her face swollen to twice its size she mumbled to a small boy with a bloodied nose " Don't worry - the doctor will put you right" but it must have sounded like the idiotic mumblings of the Elephant Woman to the small child who recoiled in horror ,Hazel said.
Wilfred continues to entertain us with his acrobatics and cute posturings. Archie can feed him and stroke his back now without getting a nip.

No Sunday Boot sales this week or forseeable future so we have been making, folding, stamping cards and shoving them in envelopes. Audrey fainted again and was sent to bed. She went out to get the Sunday papers when told not too. Archie went to badminton lessons down at the High School. He says he's improving and almost beat the 10 year old girl with her arm in a sling.

Went to a musical evening at the school last week. Did I say? Archie had been volunteered to dress up as jolly cockney barrowboy in a short excerpt from "Oliver!" and did a dance with two girls. His face was a picture. Hazel tried to take a sneaky pic. but i don't think it came out?

Hazel learned she has an exhibition earmarked for the Kunstbanken Gallery in Hamar, Oslo in 2008 so she is thrilled with the thought of going to Norway again in the Winter rather than the Summer and equally horrified that she must find the work to show. Still , she has 12 months in which to put something together.

Hazel took her Mom to the SocialClub Xmas "do" the other night and amused that all the regulars seemed to be dressed as overstuffed pixies or fairies in pink tu-tu's!


Jonathan said...

We hope that Audrey's getting well...

michael said...

Hopefully the pills the doctor prescribed will do the trick. Hazel's Mom said the swelling had gone down a bit yesterday.

Syl said...

You people never sit still! Hurray & congrats to Hazel. Lucky duck! Though I'm sure hard work and not luck got you the exhibition. And I know you love Norway. :-)
Poor Audrey sounds like she was in a really bad fun to be sick anytime but especially over the holidays.
LOL @ Archie! Can only imagine how he must have looked. A fun night tho, I bet!
Love your collaged icon, Michael...a jolly Kris Kringle!

Syl said...

P.S. Michael...don't faint...I finally blogged! :-D

michael said...

Hoporay! Finally blogged! I shall be dashing over there forthwith Sylvia!
Audrey seemed a little happier yesterday when we popped into see her peering over the bedclothes , her face more its normal size. We did shoem shopping for them. Chocolate mousse and chocolate fingers! Everyone knows this is ideal medicine after a nasty attack of Elephantic Tooth Syndrome!