Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Archie hasnt made a Christmas card this year though was working on a Sams Xmas animation but not sure what happened to that? Anyway, heres an old card he did when he was seven.
More shopping yesterday but didnt really find that much. It was very cold so glad to get home again. I bought the local paper and Archie makes the news again with details of how you can access his animations on the Guardian website. Also pictured were some of the pupils at the Xmas Music Concert rehearsal at the High School but Archie was away that day and so isn't in it.
The tree and decorations are up now and look very nice. The tree is the right shape for once. Sometimes you buy them all wrapped in netting and when you get them home and the netting taken off the branches ping out in most perculier shapes! Last years was very bottom heavy and a bit lop-sided.

Hazel ventured to Tescos and said it was hell. No surprise there then! Our pantry is groaning with all manner of unhealthy commestibles.

Have been invited for mince pies and mulled wine at a neighbours tomorrow. Last year we stood in the garden whilst the other neighbour burnt some car tyres in his back yard! Ah the festive glow of Firestone!

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