Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sales Time!

This is my third collage of the year so doing well so far. Hazel found some plastic folders with clear pockets for my collages so no excuses now. The sales have started and besides the collage folders we found some other bargains including a facsimile copy of the first Dandy for eight quid ( reduced from 16 ) so Archie was pleased with that. Hazel also bought some disc shooters which look like blue plastic egg beaters but they fire fleuorescent corn pads out of a slit in the front at high speed with an annoying sc-fi "Weeeeeeeh!" noise. ( batteries not included )

I havent found much yet but keep looking. Most of the shops are full of half price Xmas stuff. Annuals are 99p now so it's worth waiting until after Xmas to buy them.
The weather has been pretty awful so have stayed inside most of the time. Managed to do some collages and aiming for one a day to fill these folders up.
Archie has added to the Wilfred maze of boxes that pile up. They all slot together and give Wilf several hamster miles of tunnels to explore!


Roger Stevens said...

You put me to shame. Three collages already... I'm still doing adminny things and generally farting about like a directionless tortoise.

I have done some more of the music project, though. Karen, the daughter of a poet, came round to add some backing vocals. She's coming back tonight to do a whole song - she's got a lovely voice. The main vocals were done by Rob before Christmas, as well as the tabla tracks by Mike. So it's looking good.

I'm full of cold - adding to my general malaise.

Looks like you had a good Christmas. Sorry our gifts weren't very inspired... I planned to send you all something else but well excuses blah di blah and so on... well - it might still happen. Loved the Spike tracks.

Happy New Year to you all.


michael said...

I just hope I can continue this level of excitement throughout the year!

Sorry to hear about your cold Roger. hope you are feeling better soon. Look forward to hearing your music project.

Glad you liked the Spike. Strange mixture though wasnt it - some of it sounded very MOR.