Friday, August 11, 2006

Knowsley Safari Park

Archie has had enough of Rock School so went to Knowsley Safari Park near Liverpool today as he's wanted to go for a while now and Hazel has always been a bit nervous about getting past Warrington and all the roundabouts over that way. We managed to get there o.k. though with slight diversion into a garage forecourt to look at the map. We followed the AA Routefinder printed from the internet which was a great help.
The park itself is set in some lovely grounds of an old stately home and it took an hour to drive round. Hazel didnt want her windscreen wipers and aerial pulled off by mad monkeys so we didn't go into the baboon enclosure like many other cars. We watched from outside some electrified fencing as they got mauled and covered in squished bananas etc. " Oh no, I couldn't do that to my lovely new car!" exclaimed Hazel, looking horrified as several huge female baboons pressed their red bottoms on the windscreen of some poor old Ford Fiesta!
Other highlights were the fat wallabys who sat by the roadside like enigmatic trolls and rheas ( a bit like the ostrich ) who walked hautily among the cars and pecked at the food left by the monkeys. Afterwards we got out to stretch our legs and walk around the zoo and the fun fair. Archie went on the small roller coaster and we bought a couple of expensive and dull sandwiches to eat by the miniature train track. Also visited the Bug House and saw a talking parrot/macaw display. There was also a small petting farm with piglets and donkeys etc. Altogether a nice day out with just enough to do and see. Lucklily the rain stayed away and it was quite sunny most of the time. Managed to find out way home again despite traffic jams through Warrington.


Roger Stevens said...

But is Archie any good at catching roosters?

Still haven't caught them!

michael said...

Why have you got roosters anyway Roger? Did you buy them by mistake thinking they were egg laying hens? Lots of roosters of various iridescent hue wandering around at the petting farm yesterday.