Friday, February 11, 2005

Party hats and rain hoods.

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
I got back from town just as the drizzle started. This morning I put all the illustrations I'd done for Roger onto a CD and posted it along with a load of other mail. The usual haunts around town but didnt find much. Got some plastic CD envelopes cheap on the market.
This collage was another for the Kids at Frickr on the theme I devised using different "elements" I uploaded for the group to print out and use.

Can you guess the platform oddballs?


DrFluxbuxenstein said...

Hey Michael! Your collages just get better and better. I'm glad you can share them--and do!

Also, I'm glad you're overcoming your discomfort at photographing shop windows--the one you posted is fabulous. And nothing like any here in ol' Garland, Texas.

michael said...

Thanks Julie. They've been messing around with Blogger, just like they've been messing around with Flickr and changed everything! I hate it when they do that- it takes ages to get used to it and then they change it all again for no good reason!

hazel said...

Looks great