Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sneaky snapper's shakey snaps.

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Archie is still feeling unwell so reluctantly kept him off school again. Luckily Hazel was home to keep and eye on him so I was able to go into town and take advantage of the good weather to do some sneaky photos with the camera dangling on a chain round my neck. I felt very subversive taking pics of shop windows and pub signs - I don't know why. In London, no one would bat an eyelid.
This one of the special display for Valentines day in the Fancy Dress shop window came out a bit blurred because I was rushing things a bit.
It's nice not to worry about using up film and being wasteful.
Borrowed the new Jim Carey film on DVD from the library ( Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?) Awful title but a good film , it says here. Interesting to see Carey in a more serious role.
Hazel and Archie were playing draughts when I got home. The sorted the spud gun collection and Hazel put some on her Flickr blog.
Spent the afternoon catching up with mail and doing a few projects that have accumulated.


Roger Stevens said...

Our bathroom's nearly done. The plumber's having a couple of days off, though. Back on Saturday.

Found some tiles in the garage to replace the broken ones. Not enough though.

Looking forward to your visit in the summer!!!
You'll be able to have a bath!

Marsha said...

I hope Archie feels better. I was scanning thru blogs and the name "Archie" caught my eye. My father is the only person I have known with that name. The comic book character doesn't count. : )

michael said...

Thanks Madie. Thanks Roger.
Archie is well enough to go to school today we are pleased to say. Hooray! he only has to go in for two days and then he has a week off for half term! What are you doing for half-term roger?
When Archie was born it was quite an uncommon name but now we see Archie's popping up all over the place. Quite a few on TV and one baby Archie in an advert much to Archie's embarressment! He's the only one at his school though.

swapatorium said...

Glad to see you are over your camera shyness! Soon, it will be like second nature. Good to know Archie is feeling better! Maybe he can attend the Valentine Disco?

hazel said...

Archie looking better and being his normal self.
Disco out girls.

cemenTIMental said...

Ah, Eternal Sunshine is superb, hope you enjoy. Director Michel Gondry is a genius... I have his DVD of music videos and short films, most of them make my brain hurt! But in a good way! :)