Friday, February 18, 2005

300 year monopoly to end.

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What a game that was! Maybe it just seemed like 300 years?
The builder has been and started on the shed demolition, most of which went yesterday. It was pretty hair raising and noisy for a while but it didn't take long to batter into submission as most of it was rotten and fell down on it's own!
Today he's filled the footings with concrete from a big lorry outside, barrowing it in. Hard work - I know 'cos I did it once to help out a friend building a garage over in Paglesham, Essex. I ached all over the next day. I suppose builders are used to it.
He's putting the first course of bricks down now. Good to see it happening so fast. The difference in extra space and light is amazing!


Syl said...

Wow, the new building is going up fast! Must be exciting to see this new work space!
Our neighbor had a huge magnificent barn from the 1800's right beyond our back yard. He had to have it torn down because some neighbor complained about safety or something. As much as I loved that barn I have to admit when it was gone, wow, what a difference in the light! Just like you said.
Now, what I am dying to know is how to make those little links! What's the trick?

michael said...

The little links to outside are easy but you need to know a little html. Not sure if i can show you here. I found out how in the useful Blogging help bit i think.

Jonathan said...

Michael... we need photos of this enterprise...

michael said...

We've taken a few but they aren't all that exciting yet. Imagine a mound of earth and two layers of bricks going round an 8ft square.

Roger Stevens said...

Good to see the shed building going well. Will you have elecricity in there then?

We once run over a rabbit - well, we thought it was a rabbit - anyway, a friend of ours who's into magic, did some spells and incantations and managed to bring it back to life.

That was a hare-raising experience too.

Roger Stevens said...

Obviously I meant electricity.

There's no such thing as elecricity.

Or is there?

michael said...

It will have electrickery inside with power points and lights etc, all the mod cons the arty metalmangler/inventor demands in todays cutting edge workshop design.
I just had to paint the party wall with white exterior emulsion as the bricks and concrete is coming tomorrow and hazel is getting in a panic about it being all biult and not being able to get at the wall. Its a good solid wall and will probabaly last longer than me thats for sure! Its been here nearly 90 years already!

Roger Stevens said...

It's about the same age as you, then.