Monday, December 20, 2004

House warning party.

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This is a collage made very quickly for the Frickr folk as they like to stick comments and notes on things. Ones with lots of heads seem very popular so I concocted this xmas quiz to see if they know who all the celebs are. You can have a go too if you like.
The house warming party over at Wincham was enjoyable up to a point. I had a nagging headache so wasn't really into socialising.I would have loved to have drunk some beer or wine but restricted to orange juice due to paracetamol. Lots of nice food served up later on and I was starving having gone without lunch and by the time the food was ready it was about 3 o'clock!
Thankfully our neighbours from over the road came along later despite the chicken pox their little girl was recovering from. Archie had Thomas to play with for a while. We didn't have anything in common with anybody there really and we felt rather excluded from this well-heeled Cheshire set. Nevermind, it made a change to see how the other half live. A lovely barn conversion which was very spacious and made our house seem very tiny in comparison.
Today we braved the freezing weather to do some more xmas shopping. Got some Dennis the Menace annuals for Archie in a charity shop but he had them already. They are in better nick than the ones he has , so he will use them as "swaps". Also got some plastic boxes which are in stock again, for the last of the mail art archive. Hazel and Archie put the tree up and I helped hang some decorations. Hazel baked a cake for her Mum's birthday and Archie decorarted it with Smarties.


mrdantefontana said...

Finally I've got a scanner! About time. You'll see me participating in the flickr groups more in the future. You seem to have such fun you guys! I have felt a little left out.
Now I'll just figure out how to install the damn thing...

michael said...

There will be no holding you now Sebastian! Look forward to your first scans.