Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Another day in the big smelly city.

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This time I hope this blog works as I spent ages typing up this day and the whole lot vanished in to the ether! Or wherever the lost blogs go?
Went to Manchester again this time to see Archie's animation at the under 18's film fest. at the Cornerhouse cinema. It was a cold morning with a beautiful sunrise that Hazel managed to snap with her trusty digital camera through the grimey train window. I read some of Andrew Collins "Where Did It All Go Right?" which is good (see links for his website). Had breakfast at the college and then went to the Cornerhouse to see the short films with a packed cinema full of High School kids who had obviously come straight from school in a coach.Very noisy lot!
Most of the films were mercifully short and some were great like the plasticine animations of werewolfs in wythenshawe and the magician producing rabbits from trousers etc. Archie's looked great on the big screen and it really made him realise the potential I think as when he got home he started right into making another flash animation about a cave man thinking about what the wheel (he invented in the last one) could be used for. Squashing rabbits!
Afterwards we had a walk into the centre of town. Bought some Dutch pancakes with sickly chocolate sauce at the Continental market by the town hall and had a ride in the big observation wheel. Then to the URBIS museum of city life which is very impressive biulding like a big wedge of stilton. Unfortunately not much, besides the funicular railway, inside to justify the huge expense of keeping this thing running. Lots of videos and "inter-active" buttons to press but with little sense of discovery or fun attached. Afterwards dragged our weary carcases to the station via the pound shop where I found some great old cult movies- three per disc! the original "Little Shop of Horrors", which is awful ( the Frank Oz version is much better)and Herk Harvey's "Carnival of Souls".

This is the first issue of CURIOS THING made back in 1984/5.


Roger Stevens said...

You might mention to Archie that quite an important invention was the second wheel.

Followed possibly the the "Set of Four."

swapatorium said...

Sounds like you had a fun filled day. You did more in a day then I do in a whole month. So exciting that Archie is enthusiastic about flash. Kids can be so inventive. I'm sure he will create some amazing his mom and pop.

michael said...

Archie is still waiting for that "theme" for an animation for the Poetryzone Roger. His cave man and wheel animation is coming along, now he's added a smokey volcano in the background and a rock and a tree. Who knows if this passion for animation will continue into adult life but I'm sure he'll do well with whatever he does eventually.

Syl said...

Quite a busy day, I'd say! The "Little Shop of Horrors" reminds me
of a show at a very large theatre once...called "Rocky Horror Picture Show". All the audience interacted with the movie, jumping up singing the main tunes,
yelling out certain lines. Sounds rowdy and maybe it was, but not to me back then! Must be thrilling to see one's own work on the big screen tho. As long as he is enjoying it, that's the main thing!

Jonathan said...

Don't forget the fifth wheel... that's usually my position.

cemenTIMental said...

Glad to hear Archie's animation is going well! Always good to see your work on a big screen with an audience!

I haven't seen the original little shop of horrors, but it was notoriously made in only 5 days, which would explain it's awfulness I suppose! Good old Roger Corman.

The remake is superb. The animatronics of the plant are astonishing! Very entertaining film.

michael said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback. Yes, the Corman film was pretty dire but one could see its potential as a better film. Jack Nicholson plays a very small part in it as a masochist who likes having his teeth drilled( the part Bill Murray did in the re-make) which was quite interesting to see. The next film we watched so far is The Bat with Vincent Price and Agnes Moorhead which is pretty awful too but at least they spent more than 5 days on it! Probably about a week at least.The other gems we have yet to watch are three Sherlock Holmes adventures with Basil Rathbone, The Bride of the Monster with Boris Karloff,Mesa of Lost Women with Jackie Coogan and Apeman with Boris Karloff again.