Friday, December 17, 2004

The Hendersons will all be there.

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A collage made for the Collage Kids Frickr group based on a Beatles song and you had to guess which one. Its easy and I've given you a clue already.
A headache all morning and what with the drizzle I've stayed in to blog and write a few last minute cards. Just see the poor postman almost doubled up with the weight of xmas post so don't expect he'll deliver ours until about tea time!
Also added to photo archive from the old albums that are crumbling away. They were crumbling in the 60's when I started them so now just held together with a single thread and some old peeling sellotape. The rabbit is typing a letter or rather the noise she makes when drinking water from the container wired to her hutch.Clickerty-clickwerty-clickwerty!
Hazels last day at college so she'll be happier with the thought of a few weeks break from it all. She said some of her students read this so better be careful what I say!
Archie is home early with his mate James who is a non-stop giggler.They had a carol service this morning and played on the computers.James' Mum who works at the chemist will pick him up at three.
The wind is whistling down the chimney and the rain is lashing the window again.


Syl said...

You've painted a wonderful
vignette of a busy happy
home, Michael...perfect
for a rainy day.

michael said...

Thanks Syl. it all seems a bit chaotic at the moment what with crimble approaching at great speed! I see xmas as the summit of a big hill you have to climb and then its a freewheel down the other side through January and Feb.on the handlebars of a rickety bike!

Syl said... you like "country" music at all?
I usually shriek from it, but I think I've got
a CD you might enjoy.

michael said...

Only if it's "funny".