Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Peter porker picked a pig of painted piffle.

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Another day that flew by and one wonder where the time went. I finished off a collaborative collage and posted it back to Swapatorium in time for Xmas. The post orifice was full up and lots of people decided to get parcels sent to relatives in Australia and Canada etc. Then to the pet shop to get some straw for the rabbit and the newsagents for the Radio Times. Home again to hoover and put some washing in the machine. Clean out the rabbit. Wrapped a few presents. Took some photos for my blog and Flickr including the ellusive "Lady In The Bath" and some messy shots of my messy workspace. Found this childrens colouring book in a box of mail. Not sure of the date- 60's I would guess? Just a little garage band tune byQuestion Mark & The Mysterions courtesy of the Necrography and K.D.Opdello for the link.Only up for a short time.

lady in bath puzzle
Here's the "Lady In The Bath" puzzle. It hasa magnet inside so to put her in the bath without her jumping out you have to tap the bath on the table so the magnet inside the bath slides down a bit and then the lady is happy to go in the bath. More clever toys and their mechanisms here.


Creative Thing said...

I am enjoying the photos of your work space, Michael. It is always interesting to see the place where all the wonderful mail you send me is created. I will take some shots of my space to email you next week.
That might even be an idea for a new site, eh?-work places of unfamous artists!

michael said...

I was a bit reluctant to show people the mess in which I work, but maybe it will encourage me to tidy it up a bit! Yes, please do show us your workspace. A nice section at the Collage Kids group at Flickr that shows you others workspaces.