Thursday, December 09, 2004

Here's another fine blog you've got me into Stanley!

Todays mail came around 1pm as I was washing up the lunch things. Not a huge ammount but a very welcome postcard from Frips that originated with me and i sent to Ed Giecek and now its back again aftera round trip of several thousand miles from here to the U.S.A. and then to Belgium and back to me. I just saw it on Frips fine blog and i expect Ed has it on his too?!add&pass
Thats four L&H cards back from various journeys so far. I must send some more out. I have a whole postcard book full of them.
A quiet day scanning ephemera for the Frickr group of the same name. Found four "Lucky bags" that fit the bill perfectly. We had lots but foolishly left the sticky sweet in some of them and they turned to gunk with the passage of time!
Just discovered this place that turns your blogs into books! You can find it here.


frips said...

weird to see the card showing up everywhere, but what can one expect of L&H anyway??

my goodness,"blogbinders" ,did i get this right? there seems to be no end to it all...i think i'll go and hide my computer keyboard and get back to my table.....


michael said...

Yes, this bloggin is a bit too compulsive isn't it? I should be at my work tabel too- if only I could clear this mountain of waste paper!

mrdantefontana said...

Turn a blog into a book...

Stupid! And what about the links? "If you press your finger really hard on highlighted words the particular link requested will materialize infront of you as a book. When you are finished put the book at the hyper-shelf and it will vanish."
Where are we going??????????

j0llyr0ger said...

Not all "blogs" are used to show a list of links, MDF, though that is where the term originally came from as a shortening of the term 'weblog' meaning a log of and commentary on the links a web sufer had visited.

This word has shifted in meaning to refer generally to any kind of website that is frequently updated. Some would include the idea of the ubiquitous 'reverse chronological order' of the posts, but even this distinction, in the opinion of the humble j0llyr0ger, is giving way to the term 'blog' meaning just about any kind of frequently updated website.

Some these days are even sequentially publishing novels using Blogger and for these people such a tool as Blogbinder might be grand.

As you say, though, for persons publishing hypertext (or evidently from what the site says anything with images in it) it is not very useful.

There are other services on the web which offer on-demand printing of any work you can present them in a compatible file format. This one simply takes that concept further by importing entries from a blogging tool.

michael said...

First the book and then the film, a trilogy ofcourse, and then the bloggerisation of the known universe! Part of me thinks it s great idea and then a little voice says, "But what about all the comments? Where are they going to go?"

Syl said...

jollyRoger...very informative.
It's all a bit scary to me, the
speed of the internet. Sometimes
I almost don't want to look because
I'd rather have the pleasure of
receiving it in the mail. But these
darn blogs ARE much
fascinating material to see, too easily.
And now I've written my unbound book to
your blog, Michael. ;-)

mrdantefontana said...

O. I think it's great too. But turning blogs into books seems like inventing the... book once again. Who would read it? Blogging is meant to be fast, not too lengthy and up-to-date.

Better idea making books into blogs. Chapter by chapter. But that has also already been done.

But the book lives! And it'll never die.
The blog will maybe not die - but it'll transform into something else perhaps even better.

This is a whirl..........................

swapatorium said...

Turning a blog into a book is not a bad idea actually. Being a collector of ephemera and vintage photographs, I always wonder what it will be like 100 years from now. More and more things are on computer (digital photography, blogs, websites, etc.) which means less is being printed. I think it would be nice to leave a physical record behind for future generations.

michael said...

I think comes down to a natural human instinct for survival. We want things to last and so try and make as many different versions as possible ( like the audio equivelent of tape,vinyl,MD,CD,DVD etc.) so the probability of one lasting whilst others fail is always at the backs of our minds. Who knows if Blogger will last? It could all crash tomorrow and we'd be left with nothing! At least with a book you have some chance of it being around for your grandchildren to read.

Ed Giecek said...

Welll.... to git back to this hear post card (which suck'zZ by the way, as all post card'zZ do...) I had fun altering it. And it is even more fun seeing that it has traveled so far and is resting quietly at "home" with A-1...

Let'z just keep blogging away everyone. The world, wars, famon, and strife be damned! (for tomorrow we die...) or something like that.

I think the happiest being on the planet must be that dear cat on the frips webcam. It never seems to move from it'z perch on the sofa... Dream on sweet kitty kat.

By the way... You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows... So sez a friend of mine.



michael said...

That cat in the Frips webcam is obviously a fake or stuffed or something? It hasnt moved a muscle in 3 days!

frips said...

no really michael, don't say that-knorrieworrie is really an active cat out of the range of the cam-but she seems to think that she has to pose whenever i put the cam in place...