Thursday, December 02, 2004

Darby Day Darby Day, Darby All The Way.

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Sung to the tune of jingle bells. This was an echo from my childhood but not sure how or why my Mum found this so funny. Darby day is getting closer and so more Crimble shopping today which uncovered some trifles and gew-gaws. Saw a wonderful Taschen book called Animation Now which was over 500 pages and full of colour plates and DVD slipped into the back cover. I might go back and get it for Archie as an extra present mainly because I want to look through it again. Borrowed a 4 DVD set from the library of Live Aid which we watched a bit of today. Queen were very good and also enjoyed Dire Straits but most was awful 80's pop fodder I'd forgotten about like Howard Jones and Adam Ant etc.
The hairdressers was empty so popped in for my festive yuletide trim. The lady barber was very chatty and was very keen to know what art I did and what I did all day. I tried to make it sound exciting and busy but don't think I succeeded!


swapatorium said...

When I tell strangers that I sell vernacular photographs, it takes me at least 10 minutes to explain what that means. I should just start saying that I am an accountant. I think the conversation would end without a peep from the other end.

Roger Stevens said...

I like Adam Ant.

I also quite liked Adam Adamant.