Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas!
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All a bit hectic here so not much time to blog. Thanks to all the nice people who have supported flobberlob since it started in particular Sebastian and I Like and all the nice people at Blogger, Flickr and the Collage Kids. It's time to go and trap some sprouts and track down some nuts for the xmas dinner.


Jonathan said...

Merry Christmas from Jonathan and Sylvia to Archie, Hazel and Michael.

Roger Stevens said...

Have great Christmas!

The Molecules album didn't get finished in the end - so it didn't arrive in your letterbox in time to go under the tree. It's a long story - more of which anon.

Your pressies will, of course, be hand delivered.
See you soon.


michael said...

Drop by anytime Roger - we are always in ( unless ofcourse we are out). Sorry to here about the Molecules. Hopefully it will emerge in another guise in 2005.

Ed Giecek said...

Happy season'zZ to you an Hazel an Archie an all the shipp'z at sea. (urp, hick-up, belch)