Tuesday, December 28, 2004

At home with the diverse.

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Another from the travelling exhibtion "The Silent Scene". Don't ask what it's about!
Another bank holiday which seems a little excessive but I'm sure many people are glad of an extra day off work. We went into town again to see if the sales had started but it was the same as yesterday. Archie had some vouchers burning a hole in his pocket so he bought The Sims for the PS2 and I got Medal of Honour2 as I enjoyed the first one so much.


swapatorium said...

What a great collage! I think I need to clean house with one of those protective suits to avoid the dust from all our junk....Ah-Ah-CHOO!

michael said...

Thanks Angelica. Not sure if it's one of my better efforts though. It was done rather too quickly and the balance worries me a little, having the biggest diver to one side like that. It would have been safer to swap them over and have the smaller at the side maybe. Oh well, too late now, it's all stuck down!

Jonathan said...

I think that the balance is fine with the way the room is depicted. That big guy on the right give a real sense of space.

michael said...

Thanks Jonathan - I trust in your excellent judgement!