Sunday, December 05, 2004

Usual suspects at the boot sales

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Two boot sales today though rather sparse and tending towards the xmas market/bazaar end of things. The first was at the Witton Albion ground and the regulars were there with the same stuff they bought last time but with wrapping paper and old tree ornaments etc. Did find a couple of videos of films we'd missed at the cinema including "The Missing" with Tommy Lee Jones and "Starsky & Hutch" with Ben Stiller. Also some secret things for Crimble presents which I had to hide away from Hazel and Archie. Archie found some old Beanos and Dandys from the 70's, so he was happy as Larry!
The next was pretty much the same over at Winnington Youth Club. Some more secrets and a record by Bob Williamson, a northern comic. If it's any good I'll put a couple of tracks on the Boot Sale group.
Hazel's just gone to take Audrey to one or both.Archie is playing with his Lego. The sun is trying to get through the mist. Made this collage for the Collage Kids group at Flickr. Can you guess who the usual suspects are? The theme this week was "Crime Scene" suggested by Big Al.I was looking for my Boys Book Of Scotland Yard for ages but couldn't find it so found a policeman in an old Ronnie Barker's Gentleman's Relish book of naughty postcards. This afternoon went for a walk over at Carey Park as it was a nice bright day. Got lost coming back from the top of the hill overlooking the steaming factory in the distance, took a left instaed of a right and ened up on a path full of dog walkers by a babbling brook. It was a pleasant detour but we had to ask someone eventually if the path led to Northwich and he put us right. So we went right round in a big circle it seems and ended up back where we stated some two hours later. Hazel took lots of photos of distant steamy factory buildings and Archie with steam coming out of the top of his head etc. so expect to see them on Flickr soon.


swapatorium said...

I hate going to flea markets or antique malls where the merchandise stays the same. Do you have estate sales in the UK?

michael said...

By "estate sale" I assume you mean house clearance sales where furniture and belongings are sold off after someone dies? We have similar sales here but most are general auction sales where you can by job lots and antiques etc. but we've never been to any incase we are tempted to buy something!

Syl said...

You know, I think some of my best
times have been when I am lost...then
just wander into little shops or unknown
parks. When Jon & I were in Italy, we took
a wrong turn & found a fabulous restaurant,
for certain not on any map. Only 1 person
barely spoke English! We tried & tried to
find it again, and couldn't.
What's that?! Steam coming out of Archie's

Roger Stevens said...

Went to an Open House show in Brighton yesterday. A friend of ours was exhibiting some of her teapot cosies there. (There are lovely, actually!) Met an artist called John Dilnot. Have you heard of him? Makes lovely little printed books. There was some Mark Pawson stuff for sale too.

michael said...

Yes, the steam appeared to be coming out of Archies head with a bit of clever camera positioning.(could be a good group for Flickr? Trick photos?)
The name John Dilnot rang a bell and I just asked hazel and she said ofcourse, we have three postcards by him framed on the wall for the last 8 years!! Nice they are too- a brick wall, some cows and a suitcase. hazel bought them at the Small press fair we used to have a stall at, shared with Mark Pawson, back in the 90's at the Horticultural halls in Victoria, London.

michael said...

This bloggy blog comments dont seem to be working?!