Monday, December 13, 2004

Empire state of mind.

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A fragment of sound from this old 78 souvenir from the top of the Empire State Building can be found at my yahoo group Boot Sale Sounds. It sounds terrible, I warn you now!
A pretty terrible day all round being the 13th ofcourse which are usually pretty unlucky for me. I went shopping to get some last minute gifts but ended up buying myself records from a charity shop. They look better than they sound. Find them at Flickr.
Hazel had her root canal work done so not so lucky for her either! She survived it but took some pain killers and went to bed for an hour or so. She described in loving detail the instruments of torture ( a small bottle brush apparently?) and the anguish she felt as she felt them revolving inside her tooth root! Ouch! Thank goodness my appointemnt isn't for another 5 months!


Jonathan said...

Yeah, I've had an handful of root canals... better than the alternative. I could use a dentist visit.

swapatorium said...

That's a cool record! I just purchased an interesting record a few weeks ago of a US GI soldier from WW2 who was in Europe. It's a personal letter on record sent to his family. I haven't even listened to it yet.

michael said...

Sounds like a tear-jerker!
There used to be a booth where you made a record at the Station in Southend-on-sea many years ago. I remember singing drunkenly into a big funnel shaped thing but dont rememeber getting the record? Maybe I was singing into a waste bin?

Creative Thing said...

I had a root canel several years ago and I quized the dentist about the tools. Those items that look like little bottle brushes (I thought the same thing) are actually files that scrape ths hole they just drilled in your tooth!

swapatorium said...

LOL! Yes, maybe it happened at the same drunken time you had your picture taken in the photobooth with your pal Bob Ryder?

michael said...

Possibly. Poor old Bob is no longer around to ask about it. He was born with a hole in the heart and died whilst being operated on. He used to drink like a fish and smoke like a chimney and wasn't s'posed to do either.
Hazel said besides the bottle brushes the dentist burnt some rubber into the hole and a big puff of stinky smoke came out of her mouth! Sounds most alarming!

Roger Stevens said...

Give Haze a hug from me.

Just spotted Jill's snuck another blog entry in to Jots and Jottings.

She's away again. In Nottingham. Thank goodness for the re-emergence of the electric blanket.


Syl said...

Oh, poor Hazel! Glad the worst
is over...send her our regards.
Yesterday WAS a bummer! In "overload"
here & I just fizzled out! Ever happen
to you? Well, can't be a snail
on a pail today! So take care, you