Sunday, December 12, 2004

The clock shop nightmare before christmas.

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This collage was rather rushed due to Crimble and card making and sending and shopping etc. It's another for the Collage Kids group on Flickr and for this weeks theme of "Time".
A nice drive out to Tatton Park this morning to visit the farm which we'd not done before. Santa was there, somewhere at the end of a big queue of crying infants so we avoided that bit! The old farm house had been turned into a mini-museum with rooms decorated and furnished in 1930's style. The lady who was born in the house was making toast downstairs on an old coal fire banked up really high with glowing coke. She was telling the assembled throng about her childhood and how she became a secretary and not worked on the farm atall. The only photo she had of her mother, who died when she was three, was upstairs in a big oval frame above the fire-place. When a man cheekily grabbed some buttered toast which was meant for the children she told him off in no uncertain terms! Another who foolishly told his family in a loud voice that this was the home of a "poor family" got a withering look and told " I used to live here and it wasn't a poor family!" He tried to make ammends by saying what he really meant was that it was very old. He just dug himself into a deeper hole and eventually slunk out. Another man amusingly said "Heat up that toasting fork and I'll go and stick it in him!" A small girl in someones arms said "In his bottom!" Oh how we laughed! Even the lady with the toast had to smile at that one.
The farm also had a piggery with many piglets squeaking and snuffling in some rather wiffy sties. Also an enormous sow sat on her bottom and was munching rather noisily at some chewy hay. She looked rather like an automata made of yellowish sacking material with a big clunky motor inside! Archie fed some goats with some food her bought at the farm shop. His hand was covered in goat drool so he had to go and wash it off. Yuk!
There was also a pottery, a carpenter and a smithy and tractor rides I think but they didn't start until the afternoon. We were hungry so wended our way home via the playground where Archie had a quick go of some swings and monkey climbing bars.

Hilarious cracker joke.


Roger Stevens said...

Sow's bottom and Goat's drool. Sounds like a simply splendid day.

michael said...

it was a great day..all that was lacking was being pooed on by a pigeon...still you can't have too much fun in one that treat for next week!!
archie did get to try toast freshly done on an open fire with real butter...

Jonathan said...

Toast from an open fire with real butter... sounds like a treat. Sign me up !!!