Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Bygones of ye olde Cheshire.

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A very pleasant day wandering the highways and byways of Cheshire with old chum Tony who I hadn't seen for a while. It was his birthday so for a treat we went to Nantwich( about 10 miles away as the dodo flies) to walk its quaint cobbled streets in search of gifts of one sort or another. Lots of charity shops but no bargains did we find. Tony showed me this wonderful old shop which had a mini-museum and a cafe at the back. It has a website here.
It was an amzing place full of old advertising signs and shop items from the 20's.30's and 40's. We sat and had a coffee and soaked up the surroundings. Hazel and Archie must come here as they would love it!
Then we drove over to some antique barns near Stapley Water Gardens past some very beautiful countryside and many winding lanes. A bit expensive but did find a couple of old 60's Lion and Victor annuals for Archie which seemed more reasonably priced.

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michael said...

Also went for lunch at Tony's with his son Noah who is the drummer in a great band The Fat Cats ( see links). I used to bounce him on my knee but now he's over 6 feet tall!