Saturday, November 13, 2004

Another neverlope from the budgie bag.

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Never an envelope, more of a piece of paper stapled around three sides. Another from the coal shed that I sent Hazel around 1985. I'm not sure what she was doing in Swindon but I guess the alternative of living in a chilly portaloo in Stepney was too awful to contemplate!
Nice mail today despite it being the 13th, from an old chap in Devon who saw my ad. in "Yours" magazine for novelty songs. He wrote that he had similar interests and a big collection of 78's which sounded promising. i phoned him up and he sounded very amused at the idea of a swap."Sorry if I sound a bit strange", he said, "but I've just had all me teeth out!" Not much one can say to this revelation! Anyway, we had a nice chat and he's going to send me some Leslie Sarony that he can dub to CD which will be great. He said " The trouble is, when people retire and move down to Devon they sell all their 78's before they get here!"
Hazel and Archie have been tidying and now gone out to do some shopping and see the opticians through glasses.


Roger Stevens said...

Can't help but notice that you've been in a bit of a reminiscing mode recently.

michael said...

It's my age i guess and the fact that I'm going through a 30 +year archive in the coal shed and our 21 year anniversary etc.

Alia said...

have a sparkling day!