Monday, November 08, 2004

Shedding more light on the mail.

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I walked into town to get some shopping as the fridge was nearly empty.Found Archie an old Whoopee Annual from 1984 which I shall put away for a "stocking filler". The check-out girl was very surly in Iceland and didn't say thankyou when I gave her the money for my purchases. I adopted my Victor Meldrew persona and asked if it were usual for customers to be treated so. She looked dumbfounded and said " I did say thankyou!" "Well I must be going deaf, because I didn't hear you!" I said and grouched out of the shop.
I dont think I'll be going back there again - not whilst she's there anyway.
More boxes of mail art transferred to plastic containers when I got home. More added to archive blog.
The pavement is being sprayed with high pressure thingy for the layer of bitumen coating outside our house. most of the street has a new layer of what looks like treacle with sawdust in. I think it looked better the way it was. I can see this layer peeling off and looking even messier in a few months. I don't B E L I E V E it !

More robots from the Curios Thing 'zine I sometimes publish in small editions of 50 or 100 copies. This one from the mid 90's.


mrdantefontana said...

You're a very mean old man!

michael said...

I very rarely complain in shops, it's not the British way - we like to store our resentments up and simmer them for a few years! This happens far too often in u.k. shops though - I've stopped going to the baker's in town for the very same reason.

mrdantefontana said...

Even so, you're being "liked":

In Sweden we complain all the time! The customer is right, you know, every time!

michael said...

It's my lucky day despite the soggy postman passing us by and the drizzle still pouring down.
Having worked in a shop I know how infuriating some customers can be, so they're not always right but a little please and thankyou goes a long way!

Jonathan said...

Decorating and hanging art for people... I KNOW how to kiss arse...