Saturday, November 13, 2004

When you go to sANDROIDcisco

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers. sure to wear some collage in your hair. Ah, the old songs are the best!
Creative Thing sent me some waste paper bits he found whilst holidaying in S.F. with his missus. I felt a strong urge to compost them into something bloggable, and here it is. And so to bed.....

A postcard started by Swapatorium and finished by me.


michael said...

Maybe I should explain the ANDROID reference. This collage was originally one for the Collage Kids group on Flickr where we choose a theme for the week. last weeks was "robots" chosen by Art Nahpro. This was one of my first efforts that didn't come to anything so collaged over it, hence the AND left over from the ANDROID.

Roger Stevens said...

Thank goodness for your explanation. Maybe it was going to be Sang Froid Disco. Or Sung Fried Cisco. Slung Wide Crispo... or maybe not. Sorry, got carried away with drivel for a moment.

BTW - on a totally unrelated topic - has anyone ever come across Lick My Decals Off on CD?

michael said...

I read somewhere that Zappa's old Straight label was being re-rreleased very soon, so expect LMDB will be one of the first bunch.