Friday, November 12, 2004

The tooths that is so hard to bare.

Annoying day psyching myself up for a my 6 monthly visit to the dentist only to find they had cancelled it without even telling me! I felt my Victor Meldrew alter-ego rising and my hackles (whatever they are?!) so quickly left the surgery before I said something caustic to the dozy receptionist.
Walked home in drizzle muttering foul oaths. At least I had escaped the scraping and polishing until next week, so made myself a cuppa and had a mini Jaffa cake to celebrate!
The good thing later was being able at last to get Real Player to load and being able to listen again to Charlie Gillett's great show on BBC Radio London. I sorted some more boxes and decanted some mail art into plastic boxes. Three more boxes should do it!Hooray!
An envelope sent to Hazel when we were courtin' in 1985.


Syl said...

Just thinking about the
dentist gives me tachycardia!
Sounds like you've made great
headway sorting the mailart...
20+ years is a lot of collecting!

michael said...

Tacky whatya? I wouldn't mind but theyve just gone private (very hard to find an NHS dentist these days) and doubled all their charges! Greed - it's a horrible thing.