Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Graces or the Furies?

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Not sure which. Could be the neighbours from hell? We are lucky, our neighbours are very nice and we hardly see them.
Hazel's tooth still playing her up. She went to the dentist and she prescribed some antibiotics. She's been holding an icepack made from an orange lolly next to her cheek all day. Not sure how she'll cope with her lecture tomorrow. I think she should cancell it.
Archie is in the "free" version of the Chronicle that came out today. Its a better photo and bigger and the headline says " Archie's in the frame for Hollywood success". No pressure or anything!
I made this collage today for the Collage Kids group on Flickr. The theme is the Three Graces or The Furies. Not sure if this qualifies for either but I quite like it. I've been trying to find a use for that Snakes and Ladders image for ages.

Envelope from Ruud Janssen, collaged and recycled to Ed Giecek. The most blogged envelope of the week!


Amie said...

Sort of freaky but nice.

michael said...

I'll take that as acompliment then ! Not really my choice of theme but fun to try and come up with something within the deadline ( a week). I've actually done more collages sonce being on Flickr for 2 months than for the whole of last year, so must be a good thing.

Gama said...

How's the country life treating you?
Nice pictures :)

Syl said...

Michael...was checking in on IUOMA,
conversation about nedstats...yours
are really impressive! Wish they were
my stock reviews-mine are more like a
bucking bronco. Interesting to see all
the countries that are reading the site
though, don't you think?

michael said...

Country life is great thanks Gama. After living in a big city like London for many years it was a bit of a culture shock but the benefits like fresh air,country walks,less noise etc. far outweigh the things we left behind.
As for the nedsats, well I'm amazed at so many visitors from Sweden - must be all Sebastians doing!

Ruud Janssen said...

Two interesting aspects indeed. taking images of a blog and placing it on ones own. Sure is a neat concept. When we see an image we like, publish it again on our own BLOG. We could play a trick with that and publish the same image on a lot of blogs, linking it to s strange other place. Nice project-idea.

The statistics are fun indead. Tha month November brought me over 1000 hits. Your BLOG even scores much higher. You seem to atrack a specific group of fans for sure. Bravo!

michael said...

I think the blog idea of the same image only works if there is a natural link between the blogs in the first place.
Not sure who reads my blogs but I'm pleased they do and seem o come back for more. I caste my net wide I think so draw in people not only interested in mail art but collage,music and nonsense!

Jonathan said...

I thought that we were calling "nonsense", "absurdism" now, in order to sound more edumacated!