Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Jeeky Juesday

A walk into town this morning in the drizzle. I almost turned round a came home again but luckily the rain fizzled out by the time I got to the library. A quick look at the recent aquisitions. Then round the charity shops. Found a couple of cheap DVD's, the sort they give away with cereal these days. When I was a child it was little plastic submarines that ran on baking powder?
Later In the afternoon I sorted some more mail art from the coal shed into plastic boxes. Most was from the early 90's. Archie came home from school and asked if I'd found any Beanos or Dandy's and just as he said it I uncovered a Desperate Dan badge still pinned to its card! How's that for syncronicity! Needles to say he was pleased as Punch and hung around incase I uncovered anymore ancient Beano or Dandy memorobilia for his collection! He found some scraps of old Beano that I'd obviously cut up for collage material (long before he was born) so that upset him a bit - Oh the sacriledge!


Roger Stevens said...

Remember when we used to make compilations on cassette tapes? Well, our car is in the garage at the moment having it's wing stuck back on and I'm driving our second car (which is really Jill's Dad's) and it doesn't have a CD player (which is a blessing in our car as I have to drive about so much.) It only has a cassette player.

Anyway I played a tape you made me yonks ago. Great fun. A George Harrison track I'd forgotten about and John Hegley reading some poems. And of course many obscure and ancient sounds.

michael said...

your up late Roger..!
glad you have re-discovered an old tape..
Night night.

michael said...

That was actually Hazel pretending to be me, the jeeky little jerbil! I'm up late too, catching up with blogging as I've been denied the laptop today as hazel took it to college with her to get a tech. bod to show her how to upload the animations Archie made onto a different format for easy transfer to tape. haRDEr than it looks. I had blog withdrawal symptoms!
Glad the old tape came in handy.

Amie said...

if they're cheap DVDs and with freebies too, are they any good?

hi michael (friend of roger)! thanks for visiting my blog :)

michael said...

The DVD's are usually very good quality ( the two yesterday were BBc official product) and some that are given away in newspapers and magazines at the weekend are wonderful - like the Italian film "Cinema Paradiso" that was in the Guardian last week and "Brassed Off" that was in a Sunday paper a few weeks ago. I don't know how they can afford to do it!

Its always interesting to see what kind of people are visiting and what their blogs are like. I try to click on as many as possible and leave a comment if I feel its appropriate.